My Personal Kanban

This is a one page HTML/JavaScript application for people who would like to use simple and basic Kanban board for their personal stuff

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Latest version: 0.8.0
New in latest releases:
  • Limit number of cards you can add to a specific column (setup limits in column settings).
  • Create boards with 2 to 10 columns.
  • Add and remove columns as required.
  • Removed Bootstrap UI and upgrade of other libraries. Rewrite and smaller application footprint.
  • Opening specific Kanban via Kanban name in the Browser address box (makes it possible to bookmark specific Kanban to be opened)
  • Change colour of a Column.
  • Import Kanban(s) from JSON file.
  • Use existing Kanban as a template when creating a new one.
  • Archive cards and browse archive menu.
  • Switch Kanban via Dropdown menu.
  • Export one or all Kanbans to file.
  • Possibility of saving to own Local cloud.
  • Cloud Kanban Encryption - every Kanban uploaded to Cloud is Encrypted with Rabbit encryption algorithm and user own key.
  • Global shortcuts - two global keyboard shortcuts available, Ctrl-Shift-o to Open/Switch to another Kanban and Ctrl-Shift-h to open help page.
  • Help page
  • Fixed bug where special characters in Card title or description were breaking Cloud uploading functionality.

My Personal Kanban (MPK)

This is a small and simple in browser application that aspire to be offline Personal Kanban board.

It is a single page JavaScript application with very basic functionality.

How to use it?

Download the applicaton distribution zip file, unzip it at your prefered location, open index.html page in your browser and your done.

Upgrading from the previous version? No problem. You can completely remove old files and unpack new version. Your Personal Kanban will still be there when you open the application.

There is no need to be connected to Internet to use it. You can run it in any modern browser. The application will store your data in Web Browser's local storage, so you will not loose it.

I've tested the application in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.


The functionality is very simple and basic. For a short screencast demo you can navigate to this link or watch it bellow.

My Personal Kanban from Greg Gigon on Vimeo.

You should be able to create multiple Kanban boards with 2,3,4 and 6 columns, name columns, select columns colour and delete kanban.

If there is a specific Kanban board that you like and use all the time, you can use it as a template to create a new one. Just select Kanban to use as a template from a dropdown list.

You can add cards to columns and drag them between columns and up and down as well as remove them. Once the card is in the last column you can move it to Archive. Archive is browsable from Kanban menu.

Application persists Kanban boards in local browser storage. Unfortunatelly storage is not shared between different browsers. Thats why same page opened in different browsers will not have the same Kanban content.

If you need you can export content of one or all Kanbans into a JSON file.

Latest version of Kanban will also let you import previously exported Kanban. Alternatively you can handcraft JSON or write a migration script to import from other tools (eg. Jira or Trello).

Cloud features

My Personal Kanban - new cloud features from Greg Gigon on Vimeo.

You can sign in and get a Kanban key at .

You need to enter the Key in Setup window via Kanban Cloud menu.

When you want to Upload or Download your Kanban from Cloud use the Cloud > Upload/Download menu.

You can also persist Kanban to your own Local Cloud, this can be configured in the Cloud settings menu. There is a simple implementation that you can run on any computer with Java. Visit this GitHub page for more details:

A bit of history

I started this little project 2 years ago when I decided to familiarise myself with HTML5, Pure JavaScript and CSS.

I used jQuery with QUnit for JavaScript TDD testing.

I managed to get it to a workable state and stop developing it.

After first public release not too long ago, I decided to rewrite it in Angular.

This application is the result of me doing so, while attempting to learn Angular at the same time :)

Want to help?

If you want to help me with styling or anything else, please do get in touch.

Any issues, raise it on github.